Oat ‘N” Nut Cookies

  • Gluten free, Wheat free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan

These are so simple to make and are also so satisfying. They are lovely and crunchy on the outside but perfectly soft and gooey on the inside. The best thing is you will probably have almost all if not all the ingredients in your cupboards already!

(Makes 10-12 large cookies)

2 Tbs (approx 20g) of Ground Flaxseeds

200g Oats (Use Gluten free if required)

200g Mixed nuts (or any nuts you have)

3 tsp baking powder

1-2 tsp cinnamon (optional)

Sea salt

60g honey (use maple syrup/agave for vegan)

90g almond butter

70g coconut oil

Almond milk (can use any milk)

60g chocolate (I used 70%)*

*Note: the more chocolate you use,  the more chocolate chips! Use vegan chocolate if required)


1) Preheat the oven to 200 ºC (fan oven)

2) Place the flaxseeds in a bowl and add 4 tbs of boiling water. Mix well. Leave aside.

3) Add the oats to a blender. Blend to a fine flour. Add to a large mixing bowl.

4) Place the nuts in a blender. Blend to a fine flour. Add to the oats in a large mixing bowl.

5) Add the baking powder, cinnamon and a good pinch of sea salt to the mixing bowl.

6) In a separate microwavable bowl, add the coconut oil. Microwave until it is melted (alternatively you can do this in a sauce pan).

7) Add the almond butter and honey to the coconut oil. Melt together in the microwave for 20 seconds (or in a saucepan). Mix well with a fork/whisk to combine.

8) Add the flaxseeds to the large mixing bowl.

9) Add the coconut oil/almond/honey mixture to the large mixing bowl.

10) Mix well to combine. It will still be a little dry at this point.

11) Add small dashes of almond milk to the mixture until it combines well and is slightly wet but not too wet. (The key here is to add the almond milk in small portions and mix to prevent it getting too wet. If it gets too wet just add some extra oat flour).

12) Chop the chocolate into chocolate chips. Add to the mixing bowl. Mix well.

13) Using a spoon (I use an ice cream scoop), spoon one heaped spoon for each cookie onto a lined baking tray.

14) Using your hands, roll the cookie dough into balls. Flatten into a cookie shape.

15) Place in the oven for 6-9 minutes (Until browned. Keep an eye so they don’t burn).

16) Allow to cool slightly. This will let them harden on the outside , while staying soft on the inside.

Serve and Enjoy!