Chocolate Caramel Cups

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan, Grain Free 

These are really quick to make and they are so satisfying to have with a cup of tea or coffee. I also love to cut them up and put them on top of smoothie bowls or with some yoghurt!! They are great for keeping in the freezer and just taking them out whenever you fancy a quick treat!

Makes 6 cups)

For the Chocolate:

125g of 70% Dark Chocolate (use vegan friendly if required)

For the Caramel:

45g of Dried Dates

80g Boiling Water

10g Honey (use agave or maple syrup for vegan)

15g Nut Butter (you can use any nut butter eg almond butter, cashew butter, pecan and hazelnut butter, peanut butter or tahini)

Pinch of Sea Salt


1) Place the dates in a blender and soak with the boiling water for around 5 minutes.

2) Melt the chocolate.

3) Add the honey, nut butter and sea salt to the dates. Blend until a smooth paste forms. (You can add more water if it is too thick but you want quite a thick paste)

4) Divide the chocolate evenly into 6 bun cases.

5) Place a heaped tsp of the caramel into each cup.

6)Using your spoon, swirl the caramel carefully into the chocolate.

7) If you have caramel remaining you can place it into separate bun cases and freeze them into caramel bites!

8) Place into the freezer to set.

Serve and Enjoy!