5 Ingredient “Healthy” Chocolate Brownies

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free

One of the main ingredient in these brownies is sweet potatoes but I promise you you wouldn’t even know they are in there! I have had bad experiences in the past when I have bought sweet potato brownies and lets just say I didn’t enjoy it! But I decided to try and make some myself and I am absolutely addicted to them! These only have 5 ingredients and they are so fudgy and soft!
These are great for bringing as a treat or having with some of your favourite ice-cream or fruit! They can also be frozen and just taken out of the freezer and heated when required! I have also used the same recipe and make them into muffins which are great for grabbing on the go!

(Makes 8-10 Brownies)

3 small/medium sweet potatoes

50-60g of Coconut flour

2 Eggs

20g of Honey (add a little more if you like them sweeter)

125g of 70% Dark Chocolate (use dairy free if required)


1) Preheat the oven to 200°C (fan oven)

2) Steam the sweet potato in the microwave or in a saucepan/steamer until soft (around 15 minutes. Make sure they are soft by putting a fork through them).

3) Place the sweet potatoes into a blended and blend until smooth.

4) Add the eggs and honey to the blender. Blend until smooth.

5) Melt the chocolate in a ban marie or in the microwave.

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6) Add the melted chocolate to the blender. Blend until smooth.

7) Add the coconut flour to the blender. Blend (the mixture will thicken here).

8) Pour the mixture into a lined or greased tin.

9) Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

10) Remove from the oven and allow it to cool before cutting (it will be a little spongy but will harden slightly as it cools)

Serve and Enjoy!

These can be stored in an airtight container or put in the freezer and taken out when desired.

(Pictured: I served mine with homemade dairy free ice-cream, chocolate sauce and roasted almonds)

I have also made chocolate muffins using the same recipe!