Apple, Beetroot and Spinach Salad

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegetarian

This is a lovely salad at any time of the year. It can be made into a warm salad by adding warm meat such as chicken or fish. It is also great for meal prep and can be eaten with cold meats. The beetroot, apple and goat’s cheese (if added) is such a tasty combo!

(Serves 2)

4 Large Handfuls of Spinach

1 Avocado

1 cooked beetroot

1 Red Apple

Sea Salt

Meat or protein of Choice (I love it with salmon, white fish or Chicken)

Optional: 60g of Goat’s Cheese (This is a really nice option to go with this salad especially if you are adding chicken)

* Note: you can half the ingredients to serve one person. Otherwise you can also make the second portion and have it ready for another meal or the next day!


1) Add the spinach to a large bowl.

2) Mash the avocado using a fork. Add some salt and mix.

3) Add the mashed avocado to the spinach. Using your hands massage the avocado into the spinach until well combined and the spinach has wilted.

4) Divide the spinach between two plates.

5) Cut the beetroot and apple into small slices. Add them on top of the spinach.

6) Add meat/fish/protein of choice and goat’s cheese (if adding). (Optional to put the goats cheese on the protein and grill until melted before adding to the salad!)

Serve and Enjoy!

(Above: Served with a Salmon Fillet)

(Above: Served with Chicken and Melted Goat’s Cheese)