Sweaty Circuit 6: Upper Body


This is a circuit that was inspired by one of the F45 Romans Class that I attended!

There are 3 circuits each containing 3 exercises.

You complete each exercise in the circuit twice for 35 seconds with 25 seconds rest before moving onto the next exercise in the circuit. You complete each circuit twice before moving onto the next circuit. You can take 1 minute rest between each circuit.
(Example: You complete the dumbbell bench press for 35 seconds. Rest for 25 seconds. Then repeat this again before moving onto the battle ropes).

It takes a total of 40 minutes to complete.



If you don’t have a certain piece of equipment just swap the exercise for an alternative one! You can put in your own or I have other circuit examples which you can select any exercise from!

Use a weight that you are struggling after the 35 seconds work but you can complete the round with.

I use a free timer app on my iPhone that I set for 35 seconds work and 25 seconds rest so I don’t have to keep my eye on the clock.

Work Hard and Enjoy!!