Leg Workout (Weights and Cardio Focused)

This is quite a long workout. I used lighter weights and less rest periods, therefore used it as a more cardio based weights session than a strength based session. You can alternatively increase the weights and rest time to make the session more strength based.

* Note:
The exercises with the same letter are supersets or trisets. Rest for around 30 seconds between supersets/trisets.
(e.g. complete one set of (a) Barbell back squat, then one set of (a) Barbell straight leg deadlift and then (a) Ball Hamstring Curls and repeat this until you have completed the number of sets prescribed)

I have included the weight that I did these exercises at on that particular day. Don’t feel like you need to use the same weight. These weights worked for me on that day. Somedays I do more weight and others I do less weight! The important thing is that you feel the exercise in the correct part of the body. Focus on getting the technique correct before increasing the weight.

Let me know if you try the workout and how you got on!