Courgetti with Prawns in a Creamy Sauce

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free2017-06-25 18.44.41

This is a really quick recipe. I use my “go to” creamy sauce for everything including this recipe. I keep it stored in the fridge and use it for different dishes throughout the week. Courgetti is a good low carb swap for regular spaghetti for those looking to reduce their calorie or carbohydrate intake and it’s really tasty too!

(Serves 2)

1 Large Courgette (or two smaller ones)

A Handful of Cherry Tomatoes (around 10)*

A Handful of Button Mushrooms (Around 5)*

Fry light spray/coconut oil/olive oil for cooking

225g of Large Prawns*

Approx 5-6 tbs of Creamy Sauce (See recipe –

*Note: You can swap the creamy sauce for any sauce of choice. The vegetables can also be swapped for any other veg (eg peppers, butternut squash, sweetcorn, carrots, green beans etc). The prawns can also be swapped for any other meats or fish (eg chicken, beef, salmon).


1) Preheat the oven to 180°C (fan oven).

2) Put the cherry tomatoes on a baking tray and roast in the oven for around 10 minutes (until they have slightly split).

2017-06-25 18.18.03

2017-06-25 18.31.52

3) While the tomatoes are cooking, using a handheld or machine spiralizer, spiralize the courgette.

2017-06-25 18.26.53

4) Heat a large pan on the hob. Add a small bit of Fry light spray/coconut oil/olive oil to the pan.

5) Chop the mushrooms into desired size and add to the pan. Cook for around 4 minutes.

2017-06-25 18.30.59

6) When the mushrooms are nearly cooked, add the prawns and cook for around 4 minutes (until heated through).

2017-06-25 18.37.20

7) Once heated, remove from the pan.

8) Add the courgetti to the pan. Cook until softened (around 3 minutes).

2017-06-25 18.37.53

9) Add the creamy sauce (or other desired sauce) to the courgetti and mix.

2017-06-25 18.41.32

10) Add the mushrooms, tomatoes and prawns back to the pan and mix.

2017-06-25 18.42.01

11) Remove from the heat.

Serve and Enjoy!

2017-06-25 18.44.41

2017-06-25 18.46.48(Pictured Above: I served mine with a side of Butternut Squash Roasted in Cinnamon)